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How Nintendo Switch Is Probably Trying To Make Its Online Features Better

So, there's probably one thing that many gamers have complained about when it comes to Nintendo's new premium online service for the Switch: it...

Nintendo Is Holding Open Tournaments For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate And Splatoon

Nintendo is kicking off 2019 with major tournaments in both Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Splatoon 2 and, whether you're a beginner or a...

Nintendo Just Announced A Bunch Of New Indie Games

While rumors are still swirling about a potential Nintendo Direct to close out January, the home of the Switch yesterday launched a fresh Nindie...

The Nintendo Switch Won't Be Seeing A Price Cut Anytime Soon

When the sales for the Nintendo Switch looked like they were slowing slightly during the middle half of 2018, some gamers and analysts suggested...

It Looks Like Nintendo Is Interested In More 3D Gaming

If there’s one thing Nintendo has become known for over the years, it’s finding fun ways to play video games. And based on a...

Two Assassin's Creed Titles May Be Getting Ported To The Nintendo Switch

An unexpected listing on several Czech retail sites seems to point to a possible Assassin’s Creed compilation heading to the Nintendo Switch. See full...

I Design Hand Bent Glass Neon Lights For Gamers

I started designing these neon lights because I love the retro feel, and wanted to create some really cool mood lighting products to celebrate...