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Ryan Reynolds Is Vowing To Find The Person Who Leaked Deadpool Test Footage

Deadpool has become one of the biggest comic book movie franchises around and it's all thanks to some leaked test footage. See full article...

Forza Horizon 4's Car List Leaked Early

With Forza Horizon 4 officially announced during E3 2018, many fans have started eagerly anticipating what vehicles will make up the upcoming racer's roster....

Next Assassin's Creed Title Possibly Leaked Via Merchandise

It appears a new Assassin's Creed title really is in the works. Some new leaks have popped up that give gamers an idea of...

Leaked Xbox One Controller Designed To Increase Accessibility

It looks like Microsoft could be taking a big step in the right direction for inclusive gaming, with a recently leaked image of a...

Avengers: Infinity War's Runtime May Have Leaked, And It's Long

Prepare your butts for some sitting, because your showing of Avengers: Infinity War may last a while. See full article at Cinemablend.com »

Blac Chyna reviewing legal options as she seeks justice for leaked sex tape

Rob Kardashian's ex has her suspicions about who is behind her latest sordid Internet scandal. See full article at Film-news.co.uk »

Blac Chyna calls in the cops as sex tape is leaked

She claimed she was a victim of revenge porn last year when Kardashian posted nude pictures of her online. See full article at Film-news.co.uk...

How Marvel Feels About Brie Larson's Captain Marvel Photos Getting Leaked

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has given his thoughts about the Captain Marvel set photos that were leaked last month. See full article at...

Disgraced comedian Louis C.K.'s shelved film leaked online

I Love You, Daddy was pulled from released last month after four women accused the funnyman of sexual misconduct. See full article at Film-news.co.uk...

More James Bond 25 Plot Details May Have Leaked

Now that the drama of who will play James Bond in the next film is behind us, we can begin to focus on the...

Game of Thrones season seven finale details leaked online

Two episodes of the current season were previously released online illegally. See full article at Film-news.co.uk »

50 Cent leaked Power episodes in ratings ploy

Network bosses had been threatening to take legal action against those behind the leak. See full article at Film-news.co.uk »

Emilia Clarke's phone number leaked online by Game of Thrones hackers – report

Hackers have demanded between $6 and $7.5 million in ransom after stealing 1.5 terabytes of data from HBO's system. See full article at Film-news.co.uk...