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Britney Spears teams up with Jimmy Fallon for Ew! sketch

The singer branded actor Steve Carell "so cute" during the skit. See full article at Film-news.co.uk »

John Travolta teaches Jimmy Fallon his iconic Grease dance

It has been 40 years since musical Grease premiered in New York. See full article at Film-news.co.uk »

Jimmy Kimmel praises ABC bosses for cancelling Roseanne

Jimmy Kimmel has joked that TV show Roseanne should be replaced with a series focused on the character of Dan Conner, as played by...

Diane Keaton kisses Jimmy Kimmel while recreating Book Club scene

TV host Jimmy Kimmel described the quick smooch as a "dream come true". See full article at Film-news.co.uk »

Watch Ariana Grande And Jimmy Fallon Perform Together With Nintendo Labo Instruments

The cardboard-centric gaming product known as Nintendo Labo finally managed to make its way into the hands of late night talk show host Jimmy...

Cardi B to become Jimmy Fallon's first Tonight Show co-host

The star will also hit the stage for Saturday Night Live to celebrate her album release on Friday (06Apr18). See full article at Film-news.co.uk...

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Get People To Talk About The 'Crisis' In Wakanda

Jimmy Kimmel Live took to the streets to talk with people about what's going on in the troubled and fictional African nation. See full...

Will The Oscars Address Sexual Harassment In Hollywood? Here's What Jimmy Kimmel Says

With the Oscars coming up soon, people have been wondering whether or not Jimmy Kimmel --who is hosting this year's Academy Awards will address...

Watch The Trailer For Jimmy Kimmel And J.J. Abrams' Hilarious Comic Book Movie Idea

J.J. Abrams and Jimmy Kimmel decided to dust off an old comic book movie idea from Kimmel's childhood, and the fake trailer for it...

Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lawrence roast Jimmy Kimmel with mean tweets on birthday show

Jimmy Kimmel was also surprised by appearances from Adam Sandler, Ray Romano and James Taylor. See full article at Film-news.co.uk »

Jimmy Fallon mourns death of his mother

The sad news comes after the comedian cancelled a taping of his late night talk show due to a "private family matter". See full...

The Alternate Titles Jimmy Fallon Suggested For Almost Famous

Nearly two decades ago, when Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous was coming together, the director originally simply had called the movie Untitled, a nod to...