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Rita Moreno 'wet her pants' over West Side Story remake invite

The actress played Anita in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical in 1961. See full article at Film-news.co.uk »

Harvey Weinstein's attorney: 'Rape accuser accepted screening invite after alleged attack'

The embattled producer's attorney is convinced he's found the smoking gun to get his client off the hook. See full article at Film-news.co.uk »...

Michael B. Jordan stuns tennis ace Naomi Osaka with Creed premiere invite

The sportswoman celebrated her 21st birthday on Tuesday. See full article at Film-news.co.uk »

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis land The Bachelor in Paradise wedding invite

The Hollywood couple is hooked on the TV shows and even took part in an episode last year (17). See full article at Film-news.co.uk...