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Mission: Impossible Fallout Screened On A Cliff And It Was Madness

Mission: impossible - Fallout had an impressive opening weekend and is poised for another strong showing this weekend. However, none of that holds a...

Shailene Woodley insisted Adrift director join her in cliff jump stunt

Sam Claflin has described working with Baltasar Kormakur on Adrift as "the adventure of a lifetime". See full article at Film-news.co.uk »

Cliff Bleszinski Shared Some Awesome Game Ideas We'll Probably Never See

While the closure of Boss Key Productions means that the days are numbered for their two existing games, it also means whatever the team...

Cliff Bleszinski Shuts Down Boss Key Productions

Following the premature death of his studio's first major game and a follow-up that was failing to make a big splash, Cliff Bleszinski has...

Cliff Bleszinski Accuses Epic Games Of Hiring Away Boss Key Staff

Cliff Bleszinski took to twitter this week accusing his former employer, Epic Games, of trying to hire away members of his development team. We've...