Charizard In Star Wars - The Force Awakens- Photo:

The Pokemon Go craze is giving a new lease of life to Pikachu and pals, and the creative community at DesignCrowd has hopped on board to give the characters some added exposure. –

Dozens of designers imagined what Pokemon would look like playing lead roles in classic movie scenes.

Using their Photoshop skills, they incorporated the cartoons into a whole roster of live action films including Alien, Jurassic Park and Star Wars. Casting ideas included Snorlax in King Kong, Shiny Greninja in Forest Gump, and Pikachu as E.T. Join them in this challenge and show if there are any scenes in famous movies where we haven’t noticed the Pokemons!

13Snorlax As King Kong

Snorlax As King Kong- Photo: