The Orange County Movie released in 2002 features Colin Hanks, which is the son of Tom Hanks. Colin Hanks plays the role of Shawn Brumder. Shawn had a great life in Orange County surfing, nice girlfriend, etc., until one of his best friends died in a surfing accident.

This is when Shawn Brumder started to think more about his life and what he wanted to do with his career. He then was insprired by Marcus Skinner to become a writer. Then Shawn sold his only Surfboard, studied hard and got better grades, in the hopes of getting into Stanford University.

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However the Academic Guidance Counselor made a terrible mistake and Stanford ended up rejecting his application. In the Orange County Movie Colin Hanks only has one day to repair things so he can attend the University. His brother Lance was a drug addict and his mother was an alcoholic. Colin Hanks father John Lithgow had psychological issues.

Although Black tried very hard to secure his brother’s figure, his loser persona kept him hilariously missing his mark. This film is only 81 minutes long and was directed by Jake Kasdan and written by Mike White. Other topics covered in the Orange County Movie are Sex, Drugs and the importance of Class Associations. Being born in Orange County myself, the movie struck a nerve and made me ask myself where my life was going at Shawn Brumders age. We think this is a great movie for teenagers since the movie managed a PG 13 Rating due to some last minute editing.

If you’re gonna watch this movie, it’s a great one to watch with some of your teenage friends. There’s is a lot of that great SoCal Association mixed in this movie.