Harvey Weinstein leaves court in New York City on Tuesday with the assistance of a walker. The former Hollywood megaproducer, whose career unraveled beneath scores of allegations, is facing multiple criminal charges of rape and predatory sexual assault.

Almost two months after Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in a New York State prison, the disgraced movie mogul is still facing a host of legal problems both at home and abroad.

In the U.K., a previously unknown sexual assault complaint was revealed on Wednesday, when an appeals judge issued a public ruling in an employment tribunal.

The ruling did not offer much detail — only that an unidentified female claimant had accused Weinstein of harassment and assault in December 2017. The claimant also accused former Weinstein Co. president David Glasser and several Weinstein Co. board members — Bob Weinstein, Tim Sarnoff, Tarak Ben Ammar, Lance Maerov, and Richard Koenigsberg — of knowingly helping Weinstein to commit the offenses.

Employment tribunals in the U.K. are typically kept confidential in the preliminary stages. In this case, the respondents were ordered in July 2019 to turn over documents to the claimant.

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