Coming through! One Class-5, full-roaming teaser trailer has just hit the ‘net for Ghostbusters 3, a new sequel set in the same universe as the original 1984 film and its sequel. It’s brief, as most teaser trailers are, but features the triumphant return of the classic Ecto-1, the modified Cadillac with that distinct siren signaling that someone’s called the Ghostbusters.

In the Ghostbusters 3 trailer, which you can watch above, we see someone’s hard at work in a decrepit barn tinkering on what’s most likely a proton pack, given the unmistakable blue-and-orange bolts of energy crackling through the air.

Ghostbusters 3 is coming to us courtesy of Sony Pictures in the summer of 2020. With the all-too-early passing of Harold Ramis in 2014, we won’t see the return of the original crew, but fingers crossed that Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Ernie Hudson come back for this film. It’s being directed and co-written by Jason Reitman, the son of the director of the first two Ghostbusters movies, Ivan Reitman. You’re probably familiar with the younger Reitman’s work, even if you don’t know him by name – he directed Juno and Thank You for Smoking, as well as the Charlize Theron dramedies Young Adult and Tully.