Sextuplets Review

You might find more entertainment scrolling around content library for 90 minutes than pressing play on this one. See full article at »

Brittany Runs A Marathon Review

Brittany Runs A Marathon is a soaring tribute to the friends that inspire us, the ones we want to support in their hours of need, and what we have the power to do as...

Angel Has Fallen Review

Once an action hero Has Fallen, it’s far more interesting when they struggle to get up, and that realization makes Angel a better-than-expected sequel. See full article at »

Ready Or Not Review

is going to jump to the top of every casting director's wish list after this, and if Ready or Not doesn't make her a star outright, it's going to land her the role...

47 Meters Down: Uncaged Review

Irony is at it strongest with 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, as a pivotal moment literally involves a powerful current of suck, in a film that feels like it’s constantly circling the drain. See full...

Where’d You Go, Bernadette Review

Falling more into the mainstream column of the Linklater filmography, this adaptation of Maria Semple’s best-selling dramedy novel feels more slight than sensational. See full article at »

Good Boys Review

hile there are some recognizable themes and character arcs, what normally reads familiar feels fresh and repurposed with new context, and the film is able to unwind some unique, hilarious scenarios. See full article...

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Review

The Angry Birds Movie 2 has a sufficient number of laughs that most audiences won't be bothered too much that there's isn't much else there. See full article at »

Blinded By The Light Review

The world needs this movie, and whether you’re a fan of deeply personal stories of triumph, or just the Springsteen discography, you’ll be absolutely stunned by what this film has to offer. See full...

The Peanut Butter Falcon Review

An earnest, honest friendship story that earns the comparisons being made between Falcon and the timeless, rambling plottings of Mark Twain. See full article at »

Dora And The Lost City Of Gold Review

t's ultimately a perfectly adequate diversion for younger audiences – but it’s also a shame that it doesn’t fully capitalize on its demonstrated potential. See full article at »

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Review

This is a movie that spent years in development as filmmakers worked to crack the code on how to bring the material to life, and that time has wonderfully paid off. See full article...

The Kitchen Review

It certainly has a smart central premise, and its cast delivers, however, it also suffers from a tepid plot that offers no real surprises See full article at »

The Art Of Racing In The Rain Review

Cynics may go into this film dreading another version of the same old tear factory, but The Art of Racing in the Rain does just enough to turn you into a smiling, tearful mess...

The Red Sea Diving Resort Review

The drama is so focused on watching Chris Evans flex his big muscles that the prominent issue at hand is pushed to the side. See full article at »