Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again Review

If you're that big of an ABBA/Mamma Mia! fan, you probably won't be able to resist Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. If you don't fit that description, you might be singing "S.O.S." from...

Only The Brave Review

Though somewhat uneven at times Joseph Kosinksi's Only the Brave is one of the most respectful and emotionally compelling true story films in recent memory. See full article at »

Alita: Battle Angel Review

If there's any justice in the world, this won't be the last time we'll see the battle angel herself taking the big screen by storm; because Alita kicks all of the ass. See full...

Victoria And Abdul Review

Historical relevance or not, Victoria and Abdul makes for some mild, inoffensive entertainment that will please fans of solidly acted historical fiction, beautifully photographed scenery and costumes, and all things British. See full article...

A Simple Favor Review

A Simple Favor is anything but simple, resulting in a surprising, thrilling, and funny theatrical ride. See full article at »

Baby Driver Review

Bleeding a special cinematic language while being brilliantly unique, it's put together unlike anything you've seen before, and while mixing fast chases, smart wit, high-stakes drama, fantastic performances and a genius soundtrack, it's everything...

Forever My Girl Review

Sweet and dull to a fault, Forever My Girl forgoes interesting characters or story in favor of a picturesque southern tableau. It's pretty, but there's not much else there. See full article at

American Assassin Review

Light on plot but heavy on action, American Assassin is mostly forgettable but works well enough when it focuses on the dynamic between Michael Keaton and Dylan O'Brien. See full article at »...

Mother! Review

Mother! is going to be a divisive movie, to say the least. Some will love the artistic risks while others will absolutely loathe the disjointed and gruesome final product. See full article at

The Dead Don’t Die Review

It’s not a perfect film, but by no means is it a total shambling mess, with a slow and steady pulse that pays tribute to the George A. Romero school of zombie stories. See...

Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets Review

It's visually stunning, beautifully prescient in its humanist themes, and while its reach doesn't match its grasp in some respects, you're still left respecting the hell out of the reach alone. See full article...

Thank You For Your Service Review

It has a significant story to tell -- shining a light on the importance of supporting veterans and the lack of what's available -- and tells it with some powerful imagery and fantastic performances. ...

Home Again Review

If you're a fan of the Meyers brand of high living and overly complicated relationships, you'll have no problem with Home Again whatsoever. See full article at »

Cars 3 Review

There's enough charm in the third Cars film to draw in young audience members and longtime fans, but beyond that, this is not the comeback we were hoping to see. See full article at...

Don't Let Go Review

With a title that asks its audience to hold on tightly, there’s not too much to wrap your arms around with Don’t Let Go. But what’s in reach of the audience’s grasp is entertaining...