The Boss Baby Review

Judging by how beautiful the film is, you can see just how lacking the story is. If cookies are for closers, The Boss Baby doesn't even get the set of Fisher Price steak knives. ...

The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature Review

This is quite possibly one of the most boring movies that I've ever had to sit through, especially in the realm of animation. See full article at »

The Meg Review

In the process of attempting to make The Meg a movie full of stupid fun, they forgot to have fun, but stayed square in the lane of stupid. See full article at »...

Hereditary Review

Hereditary messes with your perception. It forces you to doubt what you are seeing. It suggests the supernatural, but keeps you on your heels until its answer is finally delivered. See full article at...

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation Review

Its hyper-physical antics encase a welcome message about inclusion and acceptance that make this Vacation a worthy trip for families. See full article at »

BlacKkKlansman Review

If you can allow Spike Lee to take you on the journey, BlacKkKlansman is undoubtedly one of the most powerful films of the year. See full article at »

Annabelle: Creation Review

Annabelle: Creation isn't just one of the best entries in the growing Conjuring universe; it's also one of the best horror films of the last few years. See full article at »

Dog Days Review

If you want to laugh, cry, and celebrate the animals in your life, Dog Days will have you sitting and staying with very little problem. See full article at »

The Catcher Was A Spy Review

While Paul Rudd's protagonist is on a dangerous assassination mission at the height of WWII, the stakes feel surprisingly low. See full article at »

Crazy Rich Asians Review

An exotic and entertaining crowd-pleaser, a romantic, beautiful, opulent and lively comedy that's formulaic but gifted with a light touch. See full article at »

Alpha Review

While Alpha isn't the heartwarming story of a boy and his dog it may appear to be, it is a visually impressive and compelling adventure that many will surely enjoy. See full article at...

The Commuter Review

If you can get a reduced fare ticket to see The Commuter, it's a fun ride. It's just a shame there's not enough thrills and mystery to bring this one to the end of...

The Equalizer 2 Review

Cool as it may be to see Robert McCall do his thing, the main plot of the film is one we've seen in a thousand and one other action movies, and as soon as...

Alien: Covenant Review

Alien: Covenant is a lively and captivating ride that's gruesome, chilling and traumatic, which makes it all the more disappointing that it stagnates. See full article at »

Super Troopers 2 Review

Vulgar, stupid, but still a hell of a lot of fun, Super Troopers 2 is a serviceable sequel that delivers some laughs and nostalgia but not much else. See full article at »...