A Dog’s Way Home Review

It's ruff to sit and stay through A Dog's Way Home, and anyone who can do so without walking out deserves a treat. See full article at Cinemablend.com »

On The Basis Of Sex Review

Simply a solid and serviceable biopic, but not really anything special. See full article at Cinemablend.com »

The Upside Review

It's sad to say it, but there's very little upside to seeing The Upside. See full article at Cinemablend.com »

Glass Review

The conclusion of this film is a worse disaster than Eastrail 177. See full article at Cinemablend.com »

Escape Room Review

Escape Room is a fun morsel of junk food, ready to be devoured by its PG-13 target audience and anyone looking for something new in this desert of content known as January. See full...

Bird Box Review

Bird Box's greatest strength undeniably lies in the perfect casting of Sandra Bullock in the lead role. See full article at Cinemablend.com »

Second Act Review

Even fans of Jennifer Lopez, or the more genre friendly films that Second Act has in mind in its execution, are going to want to inquire elsewhere. See full article at Cinemablend.com »

Bumblebee Review

Bumblebee is proof that it is possible to become emotionally invested in a movie where giants robots punch each other in the face. See full article at Cinemablend.com »

The Favourite Review

Lanthimos has long been speaking his own special cinematic language, and while his latest is an outlier in that it's not based on his own original script, it's a fantastic continuation of his fascinating...

If Beale Street Could Talk Review

It's downright ridiculous that a filmmaker can be working at this high a level so early in his career, and one can only imagine what the future holds for him. See full article at...

Vice Review

It's always been easy to love Adam McKay's work, as his collaborations with Will Ferrell stand as some of the most hilarious, re-watchable comedies of the young millennium, but the work he is doing...

The Mule Review

Eastwood shows that he's still capable of carrying a mildly compelling drama with moderate wrinkles, low stakes, but enough human drama to please his dedicated audience. See full article at Cinemablend.com »

Mary Queen Of Scots Review

For a film covering a pivotal period of real life history, it's sad to say that in Mary Queen of Scots, it doesn't feel like one important thing happens in the entire movie. See...

Mortal Engines Review

Perhaps Mortal Engines' strongest card in its deck of tricks is, again, its world building. See full article at Cinemablend.com »

Dumplin' Review

Dumplin' is a bit uneven and its story is underdeveloped as a narrative experience. However, as a journey of personal growth, it shines bright in the spotlight. See full article at Cinemablend.com »