Beijing Queer Film Festival (BJQFF), (Chinese: 北京酷儿影展), is an LGBT film festival, held annually in Beijing, the capital city of the People’s Republic of China.

The first ever Beijing Queer Film Festival was organized in December 2001 by a group of university students belonging to the Peking University Student Cinema Association. The festival was then called “China Homosexual Film Festival” and attracted a lot of attention. The second edition took place in 2005 under the name “Beijing Gay & Lesbian Film Festival”, the third edition happened in 2007 under the name “Beijing Queer Film Forum” and in 2009, at its fourth edition, the festival adopted the title “Beijing Queer Film Festival”.

It’s currently the only film festival in mainland China to offer a public forum to films and discussions exploring sexuality and gender identities. Operating under difficult social and political conditions, the festival has faced many difficulties in its 10-year existence. Thanks to the valiant support of individuals and social organizations, the Beijing Queer Film Festival has managed to keep going forward and resist all kinds of pressures, providing a voice to the queer minority in China.

Whereas the first editions only screened Mainland China films, the festival has evolved into an international happening which showcases the newest Chinese-language films (including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland Films) and numerous foreign films. Every year, the festival hosts many domestic and foreign guests, and welcomes an ever-growing amount of viewers coming from all around the country.

Internationally, the Beijing Queer Film Festival has steadily been building up its reputation and continuously works on developing networks. During recent years, it created ties with queer film festivals in countries from all over the world, including Brazil, Belgium, Italy and Denmark. Since 2009, the Beijing Queer Film Festival sends a representative to the Teddy Awards Section of the Panorama Program at the Berlin Film Festival for formal reporting, and as such it is included in the international network of queer film festivals.

Est.: 2001
State/Province:  China
City: Beijing
Type: International