Beijing College Student Film Festival, abbreviated BCSFF, first held in 1993, organized by Beijing Normal University and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio, Film and Television.

As one of the most influential film festivals in China, the BCSFF has continuously received great amounts of movies and global attention. Launched in early spring every year, it is also called as “the spring thunder of the film industry in China,” to which both CPC(Cost Per Click; Cost Per Thousand Click-Through) and the government are fully supportive. The motto of the BCSFF is “passion, professionalism, cultural awareness,” encouraging college students to express the insights into themselves and the world through the lens, as well as shaping a quite different aesthetic from other film festivals in China.

The BCSFF, which provides an ideal stage for the masterpieces of Chinese films, and a cradle for the future filmmakers, contributes greatly to the Chinese film culture. Emerging from the developments of art education, culture industry and social reform in China, the BCSFF makes a difference.

The BCSFF was established by the faculty staff of the School of Art & Communication in 1993, and in 2014 it will welcome its 21th birthday. It includes series of excitements such as Chinese Films Competition, Student Film Competition, Academic Screening, Screening of the Newest Chinese Films, Tours on-campus, Film Review Competition, Seminars, Young Playwright Competition, Art & Design Competition, MC Competition and other activities at the parallel sessions all over China. The entire event lasts more than one month.

Est.: 1993
State/Province: China
City: Beijing

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