The Strangers: Prey At Night Review

The film's tendency for homage might make it a bit less accessible for the casual viewer, but die-hard slasher fans will likely find themselves enthralled by every frame. See full article at »...

Gringo Review

Because Gringo has so many characters (and actors) to service, it ultimately results in a bloated black comedy that doesn't quite deliver. See full article at »

A Wrinkle In Time Review

Despite some sharp visuals and interesting ideas, A Wrinkle in Time ultimately tells a meandering story that fails to capture the magic of the source material. See full article at »

Death Wish Review

Death Wish is a cringeworthy romp that has an occasional peak to its set of valleys. And given the timing of its release, it goes from bad to worse. See full article at

Love, Simon Review

Love, Simon is a dubious step on the road to equality, proof that conventional romantic dramas are no longer limited to straight people. But they shouldn't be limited to straight people, so for that,...

Red Sparrow Review

Red Sparrow isn't nearly as smart as it thinks it is, but it's maybe just smart enough to keep an audience entertained. See full article at »

Mute Review

What Mute lacks in originality, it makes up for in risky storytelling and unpredictably grimy plot decisions. See full article at »

Game Night Review

Game Night throws darts at the board with unflinching consistency and lands maybe 75 percent of its punchlines. See full article at »

Annihilation Review

Annihilation is perfect proof that Alex Garland is the real deal as a director and visionary -- not only creating a world that you will fall right into, but one that's so fascinating that...

Isle Of Dogs Review

With the help of an incredible number of talented artists and performers, it's a movie that plays on the best of the writer/director's sensibilities, while accessing entirely brand new areas of it. See full...

Early Man Review

While the sophistication of this film doesn't match any of Aardman's previous films, there's still fun to be had with Dug and his quest to save his tribe. See full article at »...

The 15:17 To Paris Review

Sadly, The 15:17 to Paris is an all-time career low for Clint Eastwood. See full article at »

Fifty Shades Freed Review

Fifty Shades Freed ends the franchise not with a whimper, nor a bang, but a Pinterest board of bad ideas involving storytelling, relationship advice, and general conduct. See full article at »

Black Panther Review

Equal parts James Bond and The Lion King, with an awesome dash of Star Wars thrown in for good measure. See full article at »

The Cloverfield Paradox Review

The Cloverfield Paradox uses its duration efficiently, mixing thrills and heart into a cocktail that makes for an effectively surprising film. See full article at »