Blockers Review

It's certainly not the most original premise, being a fairly straightforward teen sex comedy, but it really delivers in all the best ways, and even manages to sport some real heart to go along...

The Miracle Season Review

As a film, The Miracle Season is more mundane than miracle, but it will probably make you smile, and there's nothing wrong with that. See full article at »

Acrimony Review

Compared to, say, Boo! A Madea Halloween, Acrimony actually had a bit of promise -- but it's even more of a disappointment because of the fact that it lives up to absolutely none of...

God’s Not Dead: A Light In Darkness Review

God may not be dead, but this series should either come to the table with something new, or put itself out on an ice floe before its congregation does it first. See full article...

Paul, Apostle Of Christ Review

Several stories from the Bible have made into memorable movies that can be enjoyed regardless of faith. Paul, Apostle of Christ falls well short of those movies, though it seems unlikely that was the...

A Quiet Place Review

Gripping, earnest, and nail-bitingly tense, John Krasinski's first foray into genre filmmaking is a masterclass instant classic that every horror fan needs to see. See full article at »

Game Over, Man! Review

Though it's great to see the Workaholics guys back together again after the conclusion of their Comedy Central series, we just wish they had a better movie to spark their reunion. See full article...

Sherlock Gnomes Review

Sherlock Gnomes just doesn't seem interested in doing much with what it has on hand, leaving it to simply settle for being an almost hour and a half long distraction. See full article at...

Unsane Review

The decision to use an iPhone is an inspired one, and pairs perfectly with the film's themes and Claire Foy's stunning acting. See full article at »

Pacific Rim Uprising Review

Pacific Rim Uprising delivers everything it promises on the poster, an over the top spectacle of robots vs monsters that is as exciting a ride in March as anything ever released during the summer...

7 Days In Entebbe Review

It's clear that 7 Days in Entebbe has something important it wants to say, but the message gets lost in the constant shifting between multiple perspectives. See full article at »

Ready Player One Review

While not quite peak Spielberg, Ready Player One is a fun exploration of pop culture with a fantastic sense of spectacle that mostly makes up for some weak plotting. See full article at

Tomb Raider Review

For all of its dedication to breathing life into the game, the movie Tomb Raider doesn't establish its own sense of adventure, or dial into a genuine rush or tingle that comes with watching...

Thoroughbreds Review

It's a beautifully crafted, razor sharp bit of entertainment that has its faults, but still leaves a stinging in your gut. See full article at »

The Strangers: Prey At Night Review

The film's tendency for homage might make it a bit less accessible for the casual viewer, but die-hard slasher fans will likely find themselves enthralled by every frame. See full article at »...