Cliff Bleszinski Shuts Down Boss Key Productions

Following the premature death of his studio's first major game and a follow-up that was failing to make a big splash, Cliff Bleszinski has announced the closure of Boss Key Productions and his decision...

Fortnite's Infinity War Mashup Is Ending Soon

If you haven't had an opportunity to take part in the limited Marvel/Fortnite crossover event, you might want to clear your schedule for the evening. According to a recent update, the Infinity Gauntlet mode...

The NES Classic Is Coming Back Next Month

If you missed out on the NES Classic Edition the first time around, Nintendo is keeping to its promise to release more of the old-school, miniscule consoles this summer. See full article at

Josh Brolin Doesn't Get Thanos Dancing In Fortnite

Epic Games and Marvel Entertainment teamed up to allow for Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War to appear in the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite. The game is practically everywhere, and Josh Brolin was invited...

RAGE 2 Confirmed With Insane Live-Action Trailer

One way to completely take the wind out of the sails of a big announcement is to leak it early. This is what happened with Bethesda's entire E3 line-up set to go on display...

Monster Hunter For Nintendo Switch Is Finally Heading West

Nintendo Switch fans have a busy summer ahead of them, as Capcom announces the impending arrival of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for the portable/home console hybrid. See full article at »

Fortnite's 50v50 Mode Is Back, For Now

If you're looking for a fun way to cap off the weekend, you might want to try logging into Fortnite: Battle Royale. Epic's popular free-for-all shooter is currently running two special play modes, including...

Fortnite Seemingly Can't Decide What To Do With Thanos

It appears that the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn't the only place where Thanos is wreaking havoc and causing chaos. See full article at »

Henry David Thoreau's Walden Is About To Be A Video Game

For the guys and gals at Game Innovation Lab, creating a video game based on Henry David Thoreau's work has been a passion project for the last decade. See full article at »...

What's Coming In Rainbow Six Siege's Season 2

If you've been playing Rainbow Six: Siege since its release in 2015, and have been following all of the seasonal updates for each annual smorgasbord of content, you'll be pleased to know that Year...

Twitch Counter Sues Streamer Who Was Banned

The plot thickens in the ongoing case between Twitch and former streamer James Varga. See full article at »

Pathfinder Is Going To Start Playtesting A Second Edition

Big news for tabletop roleplaying fans rolled out this past week, as the folks over at Paizo Publishing announced an upcoming testing phase for the Second Edition of their hit RPG, Pathfinder. See full...

Valve Will Pay You To Hack Steam

In a bizarre twist of fate, Valve is actually paying people to hack Steam. See full article at »

Xbox One Digital Games Can Now Be Given As Gifts

After a lot of requests, Microsoft finally implemented the feature for PC gamers and Xbox One gamers. See full article at »

Sony Promises Spider-Man, The Last Of Us Part II And More At E3 2018

Sony is gearing up for the roll out of its press material for this year's E3, set to take place during the middle of June. It's now been confirmed exactly what sort of games...